Phytocelllife-Green Apple and Red Grapes Malus Callus
  • MALUS CALLUS - The Dehydrated Fruit Powder
    PhytocellTecTM Malus Domestica (Green Apple) & PhytocellTecTM Solar Vitis (Grape)
    enriched with Acai Berry powder, Elderberry & Strawberry Powder.
  • PhytoCellTecâ„¢ Malus Domestica
    The first plant stem cell active for skin stem cell protection with proven efficacy.
  • PhytoCellTecâ„¢ Solar Vitis
    A natural immune system booster, reduces heart attacks, controls blood pressure.
  • ACAI BERRY- Super Fruit
    Richer in antioxidants than cranberries, raspberries, blackberries.
    It helps in Boosting Immune system & Digestion.
  • ELDERBERRY- The Immunity Power House
    Elderberry was used to treat a flu epidemic in Panama in 1995.
    It helps in Lower cholesterol, Improve vision, boosts the immune system & Digestion.
  • STRAWBERRY- The Immunity Power House
    Excellent source of vitamin C, It helps in Reduces Cardiovascular Diseases,
    Cures Arthritis, Gout, Prevents Stroke, Helps in curing Cancer.


In Technical collaboration with
Mibelle Biochemestry, Switzerland

Malus Callus is well researhed natural product jointly developed by Mibelle Bio Chemistry, Switzerland and Ori Bio Nature, Malaysia

Made from natural green apples, red grapes, acai berry, strawberry and elderberries which grows in non polluting enviorment of Switzerland

It prevents and protects human body from so many major health issues such as Cancer, Diabetes, Artiritis, Ageing etc.

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